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The “I Otto Know This!” Student to Student Program strives to enhance the level of knowledge in topics including budgeting, credit card management, student loan management, identity theft and overall financial planning through students teaching students.

Can you benefit from free financial education? Do you need guidance on creating and sticking to a budget? Are you not fully sure of how credit scores, credit card management, and identity theft affect you currently as a student?

If you answered yes to any of the questions then request an appointment to see a student educator today!

Meet the Student Educators

Financial Literacy Team

To read more about our Student Educators Click Here.


Volunteer to be a Student Educator

Serve as a student financial educator to a fellow college student.

  • Share your valuable knowledge and experience.
  • Improve your coaching, communication, leadership skills.
  • Give other students the tools to be more financially savvy.

Complete training is provided by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs student and professional staff. Contact us via to join our team!

IOKT Calendar of Events

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Financial Literacy Lingo

Don't recognize a certain term?  Visit our Financial Literacy Lingo page for a comprehensive set of financial literacy definitions.