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Tiffany Curtis, Graduate Assistant
Staten Island, NY
Major: Cultural Foundations of Education; C.A.S. Women's and Gender Studies

Career Aspirations: I would like to be in a role where I work directly in supporting and mentoring. I more readily associate that by working with youth, but find that to be valuable at varying levels. I aspire to be in a role that allows me to promote dialogue across differences, while helping to retain students, faculty, staff, or even employees of a company.

Money Matters:  "I hope that through my current Graduate Assistant role that I am able to support the vision of creating more financially literate individuals. I believe it is not enough to just have the desire to ‘make money’, but there should be a desire to save it and share it."

Kevin J. Bass, Junior
Atlanta, GA
Major: Psychology

Career Aspirations: Director of Human Capital and Own a non-profit for at risk youth “I want to be the pillar that gives a voice to those who otherwise would remain silent.”

Money Matters: “What you do with your money is more valuable than the currency associated with your money.”

Chris Whitehead, Senior
Chicago, IL
Major:  Political Science and Policy Studies

Career Aspirations: Director of Student Affairs at a university "Under the Student Affairs umbrella, I am able to achieve my goal of making an impact on both the surrounding community and the student body."

Money Matters: “I think that budgeting is essential in life. Without it, I’d go bankrupt from all my spending.”

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