Syracuse University

I Believe In Equality

I Believe In Equality

"While working at a student fundraiser, another student insinuated that the rights of people with disabilities were an inconvenience. I explained that people with disabilities have rights under the law and also contribute a lot to the world, but he claimed to know more about disabilities than I would ever know. He didn't realize…

"...that I am a person with a disability (I was sitting in a regular chair all night instead of my wheelchair), and that I am a law student focusing in disability rights. I was insulted, not only because I have a disability, but because I have committed my life to fighting for rights that he finds so ‘inconvenient.’ His friends came and led him away and apologized to me. I appreciated their efforts, but I am still so angry. I guess the anger is good because it motivates me to work harder to fight for disability rights."

"I stand against bias because I believe in equality and I'm willing to fight for it."

This is one person’s real-life experience here at SU.

Remember, bias is fed by ignorance and assumptions, but bias is NEVER okay, regardless of the particulars.